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Axe Biotech Boilers Ltd has a wide range of straw boilers from MetalERG (EKOPAL) ranging in output from 40kW to 600kW and beyond – a selection of boilers that range from home heating units through to industrial heat and energy facilities.

While these boilers have been designed for burning straw they can also be fired with wood chips, willow energy, textile waste, sawdust and other biomass.

EKOPAL straw boilers have been in production since the late 1980s and are in operation all over Scandinavia and around Continental Europe.

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Boiler Range and Specifications

Boiler TypeHeating Power (kW)Quantity of Straw in one chargeCubature of heated rooms m 3Boiler Weight (KG)Minimum capacity of accumulation
RM 5403 bales 80x40x40cm60015002500
RM 10654 bales 80x40x40cm120016003000
RM 20704 bales 80x40x40cm130020003000
RM 301006 bales 80x40x40cm170025005000
RM 4018012 bales 80x40x40cm
or 1 round bale 125 - 140 cm
RM 013001 round bale 125 - 170 cm
or circa 30 bales 80x40x40
RM 024001 round bale 125 - 170 cm
or circa 30 bales 80x40x40
RM 0,3-24951 round bale 125 - 170 cm
or 2 bales 180x80x120
or circa 35 bales 80x40x40
RM 0,3-36002 round bales 125cm
or 2 bales 250x80x120
or circa 45 bales 80x40x40