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Axe Biotech Boilers Ltd offer a wide range of air heaters and dryers from MetalERG (EKOPAL) ranging in output from 60kW to 1000kW – a selection of boilers that will heat air up to 130° centigrade.

These boilers have been designed to use every type of biomass from straw bales (oval) 120-180 cm, straw in high density bales with dimensions 250x120x80 cm, corn straw, rape straw, wood and wooden chips.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about MetalERG (EKOPAL) Air Heaters.

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Air Heater Range and Specifications

Power100 kW140 kW300 kW400 kW750 kW1000 kW
Max. air temperature with efficiency of 36 thousand m 3 / h120 ºC 120  ºC120  ºC120 ºC120 ºC120 ºC
Heater width1400 mm1500 mm2080 mm2300 mm2444 mm3664 mm
Heater height2600 mm3200 mm3640 mm3700 mm4537 mm4570 mm
Heater length2300 mm2500 mm3256 mm3200 mm3342 mm3840 mm
Combustion chamber width900 mm900 mm1500 mm1500 mm2000 mm2900 mm
Combustion chamber height1000 mm1,350 mm1550 mm1550 mm1950 mm1900 mm
Combustion chamber lenght1000 mm1,150 mm1500 mm1550 mm1540 mm1580 mm
Weight2 800 kg3 200 kg9 000 kg9 500 kg11 000 kg16 000 kg
The amount of liquid~ 1000 kg~ 2000 kg~ 3000 kg~ 3500 kg~ 4000 kg~ 5000 kg
Efficiency of the heater0.850.850.850.850.850.85