Radijator Series TKAN 60-300

Industrial Biomass boilers
60kW to 300kW
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The industrial Biomass boilers series TKAN 60-300 Boilers are available from 60kW to 300kW.

Using a generalized notion of “Biomass” that is primarily referring to pellets, but should emphasize the possibility of firing with stone fruit (cherries and cherry) and shavings from wood processing. When using these fuels means the automatic control of main operating parameters.

Combustion process is run automatically while the main two parameters, the temperature of water in the boiler and the temperature of exhaust gases. Ignition start is automatic and is performed with two powerful electric heaters. Regulating power user performs using the target amount of fuel and entered into force fan. It is possible to embed and room thermostat with time programming.

Industrial biomass boilers series TKAN 60 to TKAN 300, are made of boiler plate thickness of 6 mm or more. Heat exchanger is of seamless, boiler tubes. Efficiency is close to 90% of pellets. Flue gas temperature at the exit from 170° C to 190° C degrees at higher modes, which can be checked via the display automation.


RadijatorSeries TKAN 60-300 Specification