Radijator Series K Boilers

Solid fuel boilers
18kW to 80kW
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Radijator Series K Boilers are available from 18kW to 80kW.

The analysis of cross-section of the boiler can be seen that in these boilers exchanger surface is mounted vertically, and that their dimensions and layouts provide a very long time hot flue gases through the boiler. Measurement is established and much lower speed at the exit gases from the boiler and the lower the temperature at the entrance to the chimney in relation to other structures in our production program, and concludes that this structure has the highest efficiency. Boilers K series have a so-called bottom burning, and it is possible to fill the fuel to heating the door themselves without fear of extinguishing the fire. It has a great dish for firewood, so can give all-day use of boilers with one or two charges. In the back of the fireplace are set firebrick. They are heated to temperatures sufficient to burn hard combustion particles in flue gases.

The boiler was installed and the copper heat exchanger for connection valves for thermal insurance swelling.

This construction, when the fuel is wood, reaches a very high efficiency (over 80%), it has shown excellent results in the case of mixing wood and coal.


Radijator Series K Boilers Specifications