Radijator Compact 20

Wood pellet boiler
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The Compact 20 boiler is designed for combustion of wooden pellet of 6 or 8mm in diameter and 25mm in length.

The Compact 20 is assembled into boiler-rooms, and it has an advantage in situation where the more compact dimensions are required. The total width is 870mm and by easy disassembling it can turn into two parts, the boiler part wide 580mm and silage part wide 290mm.

It is assembled on typical chimney of minimum 130 in diameter. The chimney must meet the all the other standards as the same as the typical boilers.

The nominal power of Compact 20 is 20kW according to the EN303-5 standard.

The appropriate circular pump and expansive bowl of 10 litres are installed within the boiler.

The boiler is delivered with the both mechanical and venting safety valve.


Compact 20 Specifications