GEJS Alcon 3A Boiler

37 kW Thermal Power
Burns wood pellets, wooden chips, solid fuel etc.
Available with stoker for a complete firing system

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Fires with almost anything, incl. solid fuel.
Large combustion chamber with easy access.
Direct ash discharge through drawer.
Optimal firing economy.
No small, difficult smoke pipes to be cleaned.

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Thermal power37 kW
FuelWood pellets, wooden chips, solid fuel etc.
Wood length/vertical firing80 cm
Wood length/horizontal firing35 cm
Dimensions W x H x D70x120x130 cm
Combustion chamber W x H x D41x80x36 cm
Firing inlet24 x 37 cm
Boiler temperature60° C til 95° C
Burner box plate thickkess6 mm
Height to centre smoke exit93 cm
Smoke door diameterØ180 mm udv.
Flow / return1"
Min. draft in chimney25Pa 2,5 mmvs
Water content in boiler130 liter
Weight 450 kg
Recommended storage tankCa. 1500 liter
Test pressure15 mvs, 1,5 atm
Stoker firing into sideRight or left

Choosing the right boiler

The size of the kW of the boiler is chosen by looking at the size of the house in m2, the age of the house and whether the house is detached, semi-detached, in a town or in the country. The age of the house. e.g. a house aged 20-30 years will often use about 1 kw per 10 m2 so e.g. 180 m2 house = 18 kw. Newer houses use less and older houses use more.

Please see our FAQ page for more details.

Complete automatic firing systems

A two piece system comprising boiler and stoker means easier accessibility for cleaning and maintenance.